Aspect FC Tops the League at the Customer Strategy Day 2013


Customer Strategy DayNestled in the heart of Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire, England, lies the Football Association’s brand new centre of excellence for football (soccer, for non-Brits!), St George’s Park. A stunning facility not only designed to provide a training base for visiting European football teams, one of the key – and excuse the pun – goals of the park’s developers is to nurture and foster some of the best young football talent from across the continent.

The venue prides itself on its high levels of quality when it comes to customer service, and ensuring that guests get a luxury experience after a hard day’s training on its many pitches. And it was with this in mind that over 100 Aspect customers and partners from across the UK gathered at St George’s Park earlier this month to learn, exchange knowledge, gather best practice advice and network.

After an evening gala dinner prior to the Customer Strategy Day, where we were enthralled by an incredibly inspirational speech from renowned explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, it was down to the nitty gritty of customer engagement with several keynotes and breakout sessions on day two.

The audience of contact centre professionals heard from the cream of the crop of Aspect’s senior team, including Bryan Sheppeck, Senior VP Worldwide Sales; Spence Mallder, SVP and CTO, and Jorge Cruz, Business Innovation Manager. We were also treated to a very insightful talk about why the back office is critical to the customer journey and customer satisfaction from our new partner, Elizabeth Gooch, CEO of eg solutions.

But the buzz among attendees at the two-day event wasn’t how to integrate social media into the contact centre, nor was it ensuring up-to-date Ofcom compliance, or even reducing staff attrition. In fact, after catching up with a number of customers and partners, I discovered that there is one challenge that many contact centre managers are still battling. How do we best use our resources at the right place and at the right time in order get to our customers in the first place? Let’s face it; there is an incredible amount of strategic importance placed upon the first step in delivering an exceptional customer experience or generating loyalty. And rightly so!

Workforce optimisation of both the front and the back office is really resonating with the people in the industry I speak to. The formation of your team, how best to apply their skills, when and where they need to be to achieve the desired end result, and how to work with each other – even home workers to substitute during peak times – is as important in football as it is in the contact centre.

Customer service is a funny old game. The new customer conversation – the new Nuclear Family of consumers, if you will – is more complex, more demanding than ever. Truly engaging and understanding the customer on the level required to both generate more revenue and reduce costs will always be a challenge for contact centre managers. It does require investment in time, money, resources and technology, but that is why the Aspect Customer Strategy Day was so successful this year.

Attendees were able to challenge each other, learn how best to deploy new strategies, programmes and campaigns to achieve business goals and keep the contact centre profitable.

Feedback from customers and partners that attended the event has been extremely positive, and the general feeling is that everybody learned something new that they can go away and use to benefit their respective organisations. We thank every single attendee for coming along, and look forward to next year’s event!