Analysts See Closer Alignment of Service and Social Organizations


Tim Dreyer, Director PR/Analyst RelationsLast month, Aspect held a summit in Chicago to engage analysts in a dialogue on emerging trends in the contact center industry. Aside from sharing the latest Aspect technology and product developments, we were able to gather insightful market perspective from some of the leading industry minds.

One of the interesting trends we discussed is that more contact center organizations are looking for engagement solutions to help them interact with their customers on their customers’ terms. The primary means to achieve this goal is through mobility and social contact.

Many of the analysts we spoke to noted that more end users of unified communications are asking for social components to solutions. UC users know that increasing numbers of consumers are using social as a means of communicating to and engaging with their service providers and retail outlets. In fact, many of those organizations are moving social media responsibility from their marketing departments to the service organizations. So where end users previously had separate service and social strategies (and separate solutions to support them), analysts report that those organizations are seeking integrated solutions.

This is consistent with the trend of permission-based marketing that pervasive social media users are accepting. Increasingly, they will provide personal information to product or service providers in exchange for targeted and relevant offers based on their profile. A tighter integration of a company’s service and social functions allows not only facilitates information sharing but also makes is easier to assign service/marketing calls to the right agent.

Do you see a closer alignment of service and social in your organization? We’d like to hear about it. Tell us about your experience in the comments below.