Aligning Your Social CRM and Workforce Optimization Strategies


Jane Hendricks, Sr. Manager Product MarketingDelivering a world-class customer experience to today’s social, informed, mobile consumers means rallying the efforts of the entire enterprise – with the contact center as the anchor.

We’ve talked before on the blog about what this means in terms developing a next-generation contact center environment designed to meet customers’ expectations, while highlighting the benefits of bringing social media into the contact center to better meet the expectations of Consumer 2.0. In addition, according to the recent Gartner recent research report, “Aligning Social CRM and Contact Center Workforce Optimization” by Jim Davies (25 May 2012), the impact of social media within large, multi-channel customer service organizations requires customer-facing employees to be governed by the best-practice principles inherent in a contact center workforce optimization suite.

Aligning social CRM and WFO strategies requires a coordinated effort from the entire enterprise.

The Gartner report covers the overall impact of the shift to an aligned strategy as well as recommendations in three key areas, which can help you evolve your strategic plan and gain a competitive edge.

Implementation will specifically require:

  1. Planning managers to revamp existing staffing methodologies and to adopt a more strategic approach to long- and short-term staffing requirements
  2. Quality managers to overhaul their approach to agent recording, evaluation and training, and to focus on written communication, as opposed to spoken communication
  3. Managers to incorporate this new channel in their reporting and analysis capabilities to obtain a holistic, cross-channel view of staff performance

With all of these considerations for evolution, it is helpful to have some guidance from the experts.

To aid in planning your strategy, Aspect is pleased to offer this full Gartner report for a limited time at no cost, including recommendations to address each of the key areas outlined above.

Register now to read the full report, including Gartner’s recommendations, compliments of Aspect.

Jane Hendricks, Senior Manager Product Marketing, oversees the linkage between customer value and Aspect technologies, with a focus on workforce optimization and enhanced customer service enabled through unified contact strategies. Jane has more than 15 years of experience in applying predictive, behavioral, and attitudinal analytics to understanding customers, employees and the technologies that help organizations maximize the results of their customer engagement strategies.

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