How AI-Driven Search Brings Us Closer to the Intelligent Workplace


Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be a hot topic of 2017 and while the concept of AI has been around since 1950, companies are starting to truly embrace the technology now. One of the latest developments in AI is scaling from human to machine, where the machine provides relevant answers to specific questions. Thanks to Siri and Alexa, this type of conversational search capability driven by AI has continually grown; however, this capability has yet to extend into the corporate market.

In this three-part series on CMSWire, Seth Earley and I share our thoughts on how AI-driven search can improve the workplace, what it takes to establish an AI foundation, and proving the ROI of AI-driven search.

“AI-enabled search promises to transform the way people interact with information and digital assets, driving new efficiencies and creating value from information that has been all but lost in the “digital junk drawers” that are our corporate information management systems.”

Part 1: How AI-Driven Search Could Bring Us Closer to the Intelligent Workplace.

“While many would like to believe that AI is combination of magic and pixie dust, for human-to-machine conversations to become reliable, a significant amount of foundational effort must take place. And this process begins with the basics of knowledge management.”

Part 2: What it Takes to Deliver Successful AI-Driven Search.

“Because we have few examples of big successes in this area, executives can break out in a sweat when asked to back something lacking short-term ROI. At the same time, executives are justifiably concerned about being left behind.”

Part 3: AI-Driven Enterprise Search Is Close Than You Think.

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