Gana el Trono de Hierro en CX


Que vengan todas las banderas; el invierno ha llegado.

La temporada final de Game of Thrones ha llegado y se perfila como el estreno televisivo más esperado de todos los tiempos. Se pelearán grandes batallas, se derramará sangre y, Dios no lo permita, tendremos que despedirnos …

Flexible scheduling: A triple-win for businesses and their employees


Flexible working has become a fixture of the professional world. Flexible and short-term working arrangements have proven popular amongst staff in many industries, and shift scheduling has moved on from a ‘top down’ command-type arrangement into a two-way conversation between managers and employees.

The emerging generation …

Future success reliant on cloud-based workforce management software


Cloud technology for implementing and administering workforce management (WFM) technology is becoming increasingly important to businesses that are under pressure to maximise workplace productivity, reduce expenditure and improve their bottom line.

In our current economic climate of uncertainty and instability, all processes need to be managed …

Traditional comms channels: a last resort for consumers?


The humble telephone has been a fixture of the customer engagement experience for many decades. It’s still a hugely important piece of the puzzle, but the evolution in mindset of the younger generation means that it’s now becoming a last resort rather than a first …