Addressing Workforce Optimization Challenges


Recent years have brought new demands on the contact center — think omni-channel, self-service, mobile applications, public venting of consumer displeasure — and thus new challenges for the workforce optimization (WFO) industry. Our customers have come to us with many questions and concerns:

  • How do you best optimize agent scheduling when they handle new and multiple channels to manage?
  • What can we do to best utilize agent idle time?
  • How can we create the ideal mix of WFO players for a winning team?
  • Beyond workforce management, what technology does my contact center need?
  • How can we use the rich portfolio of WFO tools to ensure remarkable customer experiences?

We’ve collected our recent WFO blogs that address all of the questions above and invite you to take a look. There’s even an infographic with steps to become a workforce leader.

The Omni-Channel Workforce and the Brave New World of Customer Interaction

In an increasingly omni-channel world, where customers want to be able to engage companies whenever and wherever they please, a more intelligent approach is needed to manage the skilled labor necessary to address this rising consumer demand. And not only in the voice channel, but in all of the communication channels as well… [READ MORE]

3 Things Your Agents Could Be Doing with Their Idle Time

Obviously, when we talk about efficiency in the workforce, we’re not striving for the kind of over-scheduling that will leave even the best and brightest agents burned out. We all need a little breathing room in our day. But excessive agent idle time should be an indication … [READ MORE]

Why You Need A Workforce Department, The Sequel: Defining Roles

In my last blog, I talked about the need for contact centers to create an official Workforce team. (Remember? With great software (should!) come great processes.) This time, let’s talk about the individuals that should make up this team… [READ MORE]

Workforce Optimization Tools for Great Customer Experiences

The role of the contact center is changing as consumer preferences evolve at an accelerating pace. A recent blog by Spence Mallder, GM Workforce Optimization and CTO points out that recently, customer experience has overtaken productivity as the top priority for contact center workforce optimization (WFO) programs…[READ MORE]

Customer Experience Takes the Lead Over Productivity

Improving the customer experience has long been the holy grail of industry analysts and B2C enterprises, but when out of the spotlight, most would have admitted that driving new revenue, cost reduction and risk avoidance were their primary objectives. However a new day is dawning…[READ MORE]

Of course you are welcome to come to us with any of your own questions about how WFO technology can improve efficiency in your contact center. Take a look at what Aspect has to offer.