Achieving Economies of Scale through Centralization


Economies of scale are factors that cause the average cost of producing a product or delivering a service to fall as the volume of its output increases (Economist, 2008). Economies of scale model is most commonly applied to the manufacturing industry — but, what about healthcare?

“It is commonly believed the size of a particular provider of healthcare services can make a significant difference to both the quality and the cost of those services. For example, a health system which delivered 8000 births a year might be expected to have both better quality and lower costs than one that delivered 3000 births a year. Similarly, it is commonly believed that a healthcare provider who delivers a range of services can deliver better quality and cost overall than if those different services had each been delivered by a different provider” (Masters, 2012).o-HEALTH-CARE-COSTS-facebook

Like any other industry, healthcare systems want to reduce operating costs and wasted time in order to achieve economies of scale, ultimately leading to improved patient care, access, satisfaction, and efficiency. Most healthcare organizations are enormous—housing multiple departments, specialties, and thousands of employees. Centralization occurs when a healthcare system focuses its front-end scheduling, access, and communication from multiple departments to a smaller group of specialized agents. Centralized healthcare contact centers are key to achieving these much desired economies of scale.  (O’Farrell, 2015).

Centralized contact centers can create significant benefits for your health system –

  • Cost effective: Centralized contact centers promote efficient appointment scheduling, communication, and access to services. Clinicians and staff can be scheduled more consistently, reducing the expensive peaks in overhead costs.
  • Increased satisfaction: Patients can schedule appointments with greater ease, increasing both patient and physician satisfaction
  • Data access: Create one version of the truth. Data is more efficiently tracked, allowing greater operational precision.

Implementing a centralized contact center at your healthcare system can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Aspect can help your health system take a holistic approach to improving patient care,  increasing access and satisfaction.

Aspect Healthcare – Workforce Optimization helps health systems maximize staffing requirements and performance, ensuring the right staff is at the right place at the right time to deliver greater patient satisfaction. More easily ensure that there is an optimal staffing mixture of experts and generalists while skills-based routing uses established search criteria to find an available agent who can perform the service that the patient needs.  Greater efficiencies are gained from increased first-time call resolution and more importantly, patient satisfaction.

Aspect Healthcare – Patient Connect improves patient interaction experience with your health system by allowing patients and their families the ability to speak to a live person each time they call into any of your locations. Employees are empowered with a 360-degree patient view, easily guided through the conversation, and able to enter quick notes within the same patient record that is visible on their screen. If the patient needs to be transferred to another clinician or specialist, easily view who is available before transferring the call — without the need to search different directories or lists to find the right person with the right skill set to quickly and efficiently handle the situation. What this means for your patients and their families is that they will no longer be transferred to the wrong person or location by mistake.

Aspect’s healthcare solutions help health systems create greater economies of scale. Aspect Patient Connect skills-based routing capabilities ensure that each patient is connected to the appropriate hospital staff while Aspect Healthcare – Workforce Optimization ensures that the right balance of clinicians and staff are ready to efficiently meet the needs of each and every patient.

More efficient care for individuals, all at a lower cost. Creating economies of scale for your health system – made easier with Aspect.

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