ACE Update: Have a Question? Ask Aspect Professional Services’ Community of Experts!


APSCommunityofExpertsLet’s be honest, how often do you get to focus on what you are truly passionate about in your work?  Within the NEW Aspect Professional Services we have been asking that question of ourselves and channeling the energy and motivation that comes from our passions into what we do and how we do it. I am proud of this team and am excited to be leading the charge around the Aspect Professional Services (APS) Community of Experts booth at this year’s  Aspect Customer Experience (ACE) conference. We are ready to show off our innovative solutions, and we’ll be standing by with a team 25-strong, ready to discuss ways to solve your most challenging customer experience issues.

The APS Community of Experts is comprised of highly knowledgeable professionals in the areas of performance improvement, interaction enablement, and implementation and optimization services.  We are ready to sit down one to one and dive into your questions, ideas, and challenges such as:

  • Best Practices discussions around social customer care, replacing your aging PBX, perfect pacing and how to increase efficiency in daily administration.
  • Strategy deep dives into leveraging your website for customer care, automating your agent processes using #SharePoint, building a mobile WFM tool and your optimizer opportunity.
  • Mini workshops in contact center analytics, enhancing your agent’s experiences, WFO optimization reviews, and outbound WFM.

In addition to giving you the answers you need, our APS team can offer guidance in using your technology solutions to take your customers’ experience to the next level. With our expertise and years of industry leadership experience, we’ll work collaboratively with you and your team to find effective business solutions to your contact center needs and connect you with people and tools that can get your company headed in the right direction. Even after you get started with a new solution, the APS team will be there to guide and empower you, helping you achieve your contact center’s goals and realize the benefits that come from new strategies and technologies.

If you’re attending ACE this year, you can arrange a twenty minute session with a Community of Experts staff member by emailing, or drop by the booth during the conference to be added to the schedule.

Not sure how to tell this community apart?  Simply look at our feet! We wanted to make it easy for you to spot us and enable us to run around the show. I think you’ll see what I mean…