ACE 2019: The Master Program Track


I hope you’re planning on joining us at ACE this summer.  Based on your feedback, we’ve been fine-tuning our breakout session tracks.  New for this year is the Master Program track, which is now part of our improved certification program. The Aspect team has collaborated with partners and clients, from all levels, to create a curriculum that best matches your education needs. We’ve added new content for two career-transforming paths:

1) Understanding Forecasting Parameters in Aspect® Workforce Management™ and;

2) IVR Design Fundamentals for Aspect® CXP™.

This is the FIRST TIME EVER we’ve been able to offer a program of this caliber directly to our customers at ACE… with no extra charge to your registration fee.

The Aspect Education Team is evaluating its entire curriculum.  Each current course is being reviewed, edited and updated to reflect the latest industry trends. This means new formats and training plans that incorporate certifications that will help to identify the skills and knowledge that clients and partners are proud to have.

As the paths roll out there will be multiple levels of certifications based on role and level of certification.  We have partnered with Kryterion who will administer proctored exams. As students work through the path, they will become a Certified Professional, followed by Certified Expert and finally Certified Master.

The Master Certification program will be evolving over the next 12 months, with full completion expected before the summer of 2020. By taking part of the program at ACE you’ll be taking the first step in your learning journey by completing the first class needed to become a Certified Professional. You’ll benefit from the new way courses are being developed and how each part of Aspect has come together in collaboration to make sure you have a great learning experience.

The Master Program, included with your ACE registration is a $750 value – think about this, the training you’ll receive FREE as part of your ACE admission nearly pays for itself!  But, space is limited to 100 participants for each path and seats are filling up quickly. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this opportunity.

It’s go time! Learn more about the Master Program and reserve your spot today.



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