ACE 2019 Recap: President and CEO Message – Trust, Choice and Collaboration


One of the most anticipated sessions of ACE 2019 kicked off on Tuesday, July 30 with an energizing introduction from Aspect CMO Michael Harris, followed by CEO Patrick Dennis sharing observations from his first 175 days.

Traveling the globe to meet with customers gave Patrick the opportunity to listen and really hear first-hand observations and feedback from the people who use our products every day. Which brought about a shift in the way we look at our applications and the way they impact our customers—a practical approach that addresses the goals and timelines by allowing users a choice.

The choice of which application to begin with, what to add and how many users to start with. Patrick likened it to a bridge. He explained that technology transitions are about bridging where you are and where you want to go. It’s not always a giant move, but more manageable advances in which customers can transition to the right application at the right time and know it will all work together.

If we’re bridging technology over time, it’s essential it is integrated with the other applications that are being used. Patrick acknowledged that customers have built integrations between systems over the entirety of their company’s life and these integrations are often the most important part of solving each company’s specific customer experience challenges.

To provide a superior customer experience, companies can be tasked with reviewing the CRM for customer history or dip into all of the back office systems to get a view of how many dollars are outstanding, just to name a few. We recognize the value of those integrations and the need to carry many of them forward to any new solution.

Patrick explained that Aspect has doubled-down on efforts to make integrations easier as we move forward. As applications have been unbundled, the engineering teams are looking closely at the integration interfaces across Aspect products that we are exposing to other products. The goal behind this is to create long term value for Aspect customers and partners as they also build better integrations with our software platform.

The three big takeaways from Patrick’s session were choice, trust and collaboration.

We understand that you need choice and it is our job to offer you the right choices. It’s up to our customers to choose which applications they need, where to deploy them and with whom, who to integrate with and why.

Patrick asked attendees to trust that Aspect is listening to them. By listening to our customers we will be guided, as a supplier to build our customers the right things. Trust that we, as members of your extended team, will deliver those things.

As we continue to work as a team, collaboration is key. If we can continue to collaborate it will help us build better products right away. Additionally, it will help shape future products that our customers want and need. Patrick explained, these days, technology is a team effort. We know we need to step up and be on your team. And you need to believe that we will do just that.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to focus on living up to the commitments we make to our customers. We’re excited about the great outcomes we’ll achieve together.