ACE 2019 Recap: Aspect Master Program


If you missed ACE 2019 last week you may have been suffering from some serious #FOMO (fear of missing out).

In addition to amazing insight in our general sessions, the networking opportunities, the lobster tails—seriously, there were lobster tails—we had a new addition for breakout sessions.

Debuting this year at ACE, the Aspect Master Program offered attendees the opportunity to become experts on solutions they use every day: forecasting Aspect® Workforce Management™ and design fundamentals for Aspect® CXP™.

The workforce management path delved into theories and the steps needed to update or create volume forecasting models. Students were shown how to conduct an in-depth statistical analysis of their historical data and what calculations are involved in creating forecasting parameters and historical patterns. Then they learned how to input the results into the Aspect WFM system and best practices for fine-tuning forecasting results.

Aspect Workforce Management Master Program

Those participating in the Aspect CXP path learned the basics of creating simple, yet functional interactive, voice-response applications using the CX Designer solution. Additionally, they were given insight into the design of such applications to carry forward in their own developments.

Aspect CXP Master Program

At the ACE closing ceremony, attendees who completed either path were recognized on stage.  Attendees walked away with a voucher to test for their Certified Professional Certificate—a $750 value that was included in their ACE registration  Because of overwhelmingly positive feedback, we plan to expand this sold-out program at ACE 2020 to include even more practical, relevant skill areas for certification. Are you making your plans for ACE 2020 yet?

Congratulations to all of our Master Program participants!


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