ACE 2019 Recap: ACE Awards – Over the Top? You Bet! It’s GO Time!


ACE is never complete without the ACE Awards and 2019 did not disappoint.  To add to the celebration at our closing ceremony we added Mimosas and Bloody Marys and  tons of FUN!  Congratulations to our winners and thank you for sharing your inspiring stories with our audience!

Colleen Sheley and Michael Harris

Our winners this year were:  


Awarded to an organization that is performing within a strategy or program designed to develop specialized functions that address a specific business needs and or functional area that helps that organization advance at a pace and direction far exceeding the industry.


BEST-OF-BREED for CRM Integration | Sage Therapeutics

Accepting on Behalf of Sage Therapeutics, Craig Blake

BEST-OF-BREED for Self-Service Strategy | BAC Credomatic

Roger Trejos, Berny Chavarria, Tomas Odio, BAC Credomatic with Aspect sponsor Carlos Quijano


Awarded to an organization that embraces continuous change with a culture that encourages people to bring ideas forward and supports the freedom to run with approved ideas.


INNOVATIVE VISION for Change Management Strategy| Barclays

Chris Lindley, Barclays and Aspect Sponsor Cameron Thompson

INNOVATIOVE VISION for Workforce Management | Asurion

Jon Malinowski and the Asurion Team with Aspect Sponsors Jorge Cruz and Trevor Holt

2019 ACE SPEAKER AWARDS | Top Two Speakers

Awarded to the top two individual speakers based on the calculations from the ACE mobile App surveys.

Dr. Debra Bentson

Track: Getting the Most out of Your Aspect Solution

Session: Partnering with Aspect for Better Forecasting

Dr. Debra Bentson

Jess Bound

Track: Industry Insights and Roadmap

Session How Do You Provide Every Customer With a World-Class Experience?

Jess Bound

2019 ACE BIGGEST FAN | Top Two

A new award we added this year to celebrate individuals sharing updates, completing ACE mobile app surveys, posting on social channels, completing THE GAME and scheduling a Met the Coach session.  This year we had two individuals that went above and beyond!

Biggest Fan # 1 | Kamran Baig

Kamran Baig

Biggest Fan # 2 | Judith Urena

Judith Urena

For the individuals in the audience I think it was clear that I was having a blast – I hope you did too! Thank you to everyone that came up on stage this year – we did a quick count and it was 135 people that we celebrated!  What time is it? It’s GO [STILL] Time!

See you next year!