Accelerating Momentum for the Customer Relationship Revolution


Meet the new Aspect!Notice anything different?

What you’re seeing here and on is a whole new look for the Aspect brand – but what it really represents is much more than just a “facelift.”

For some time now, we’ve been attuned to the shift in power that’s been taking place from a business-driven marketplace to one that is led by consumers. We previously called this new breed of well-informed, tech-savvy and socially empowered customers Consumer 2.0. We urged businesses to adopt a “next-generation” approach to customer contact that would meet the needs of these consumers and deliver an excellent service experience through their contact channel of choice.

These days, it’s more accurate to talk about today’s consumers as being part of an “omnichannel” (i.e. multichannel)  customer experience. They’ve taken charge of the brand conversation to such a degree that consumers now have the power to dictate when, where, and how they receive responses to service requests. They demand timely, informed answers, and they are not afraid to air grievances in public social forums and shift their spending if they are not satisfied with the results.

Businesses that ignore the power that today’s customers now hold do so at their own peril – and those that are exceptionally forward-thinking will turn it to their advantage by building positive engagement, fostering brand advocacy, and investing in relationships for the long term.

We call this the relationship revolution, and Aspect is helping progressive companies embrace it.

So what you might be asking yourself is, why now? Why did we choose this moment to reestablish our brand identity at a time when change is happening so rapidly in the contact center realm, demanding an adaptive approach to technology that will help businesses meet customer expectations head-on?

Frankly, that’s kind of the point.

Amid today’s climate of rapidly advancing technologies and shifting expectations, where change is sometimes the only constant, your customers are looking for consistency in how they interact with your business, across channels and throughout every engagement. And Aspect is poised to help you deliver it.

The Relationship Revolution is underway. Follow the conversation on Twitter under the hashtag #RevRelationships for ideas on building and fostering revolutionary relationships with your customers.