A Message from Aspect’s CEO on COVID-19


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I have always believed it is important to deliver the right message at the right time. The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging many of our conventions every day. What it will never change is that most people sincerely want to help other people. I have spent the last several days writing, calling and working with customers I have developed relationships with. Each one of them has a meaningful responsibility at work, and the same challenges all our families face at home. Behind every Aspect badge is a person, and behind every one of our customers’ badges is a person too. We are going to keep our COVID-19 response plan simple. We are going to connect our best and brightest people with the people who make a difference for our customers.

Contact centers around the world are at the heart of solving people’s problems. Families are trying to find a way for people to return home. People are seeking health advice. Communications companies are keeping us all connected, and with access to important information. Some of us are sending money to friends and family who are in a tough spot.

Airlines, health care, communications and banking are just some examples of the many industries that impact our lives every day. Aspect and many of our customers play an important role in making forward progress in the face of this adversity. Aspect customers, partners and employees are all part of a system that stands to make the world better when we do a good job.

We are going to step up and do the best work we have ever done because that’s what we do. Every person involved in the contact center business can make a difference in another person’s life. I sincerely believe that when this pandemic has run its course and we look back at this time, each of us will remember someone who made a difference; Someone who stepped up and actually solved a real problem for you. That’s what makes this community special.

Ed Berndt, our Chief Customer Officer, will post further details around our plans. If the information we post does not answer your question or if you need something more personalized… Please contact me – we are ready to help.


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