A Look Back on 2017


As we prepare to head into 2018 we wanted to take some time to look back on what resonated with our readers in 2017. So, we have compiled the top 10 fan-favorite blog posts from the last year. From building chatbots to improving agent engagement, there was a wide variety of topics covered and read over the year. Let’s break it down:

Prevent Call Center Agents Fatigue using WFM

In order to provide a stellar customer service experience, your agents need to be engaged and motivated. But engaged and motivated is near impossible if your agents are fatigued. In this blog, we covered how a workforce management software can help eliminate agent fatigue.

Is My Company Killing Me?

Does the adage ‘happy wife = happy life’ carry any weight outside of marriage? Perhaps in the contact center. ‘Happy employees & business partners = happy customers,’ we know it’s nowhere near as catchy but it’s still impactful. In this blog post, we look at how internal collaboration improves employee satisfaction and how companies can find a collaboration tool that works for them.

Robotic Process Automation- The Tip of the Iceberg

In a world of Alexa, iRobot and self-driving vehicles, we should be surprised if robots did not make their way into the contact center. Trends like chatbots in the contact center was a common theme for 2017, but this blog dives into a new technology: Robotic Process Automation. Not only is this article an educational piece but it also discusses the potential for RPA in the contact center.

The Age of Agent Engagement

This ‘blog’ is more image than words featuring an infographic from our Agent Experience Survey. Part 2 of our survey covered the current state of agent engagement, and with agent engagement being a priority for companies it’s no surprise that this post resonated with many. Check it out to find out new statistics that demonstrate the impact of engagement on employee satisfaction and the businesses bottom line.

How Much Can a Chatbot Save Your Contact Center

80% of businesses want to have chatbots deployed by 2020 and why wouldn’t they when Business Insider reports that chatbots will help contact centers achieve $23B in cost savings on an annual basis. This article outlines the three signs you should be looking for that tell you your contact center is in need of a bot.

Five Stats That Prove your Agents Need Better Coaching

Coaching and training is an essential part of any job, but it can often times be overlooked, especially in a call center setting. Better coaching equips agents to provide an improved customer experience and it can have a direct impact on the business. These stats can help anyone build a business case for a coaching software or tool.

10 Steps for Chatbot Creation

Without a doubt, chatbots were one of the hottest topics of 2017 so it’s no surprise to see this chatbot outline topping our 2017 list! This blog is the perfect for anyone who is considering creating a chatbot and needs a starting point. Three of our self-service experts joined powers to write this 3-part chatbot masterpiece that is definitely worth the read.

Why You Can’t Just Convert FAQs to Chatbots 1:1

Another great chatbot resource from this year is this article. One of the first things that comes to mind to ‘botify’ is the FAQ section of a website and it makes sense considering all of the questions (and answers) are already there. But in this blog, Aspect’s Senior Direct of Emerging Technologies, Tobias Goebel, breaks down why it’s not just that simple.

InfographicAgents and Chatbots: Better Together

This infographic dives into the chatbot and agent relationship. While there had been a lot of fear around chatbots replacing employees and jobs, our Agent Experience Survey told a different story. Agents show excitement and believe there is more opportunity when they are able to work with chatbots who take the ‘easy’ questions.

Optimizing the Workforce in the Age of the Digital Employee

Studies show that today’s consumers prefer self-service to live agent service – but, let’s face it, there will always be those situations where live agent assistance is required to resolve a particularly sticky or complex issue. This blog discusses how you can set your contact center up for success in the time of digital employees.

2017 has been a year for the books and we are looking forward to what the next year has in store. We appreciate all of our loyal followers and promise to continue to bring you quality content and new resources in 2018!