5 Ways the Cloud is improving the Agent Experience


We often read about how the cloud is enhancing the contact center’s ability to deliver a great customer experience, but it’s bettering the agent condition as well. Research shows that a satisfied contact center agent is more enthusiastic, friendlier and more helpful, which puts a more positive face on every customer interaction and ultimately improves the customer experience. web-iStock_000005449269Large

Cloud delivery of contact center software improves the agent working environment and the associated agent experience in several key ways, including the following:

Gives even small organizations access to modern tools. Without the high fixed costs of perpetual software licenses and on-site hardware, a much lower price point will enable thousands of smaller contact centers to afford state-of-the-art contact center infrastructure, workforce optimization (WFO) and customer self-service tools. This is a seismic shift that will rock both the enterprise and the agent’s world. Simple, mundane calls will be relegated to self-service, so agents don’t have to take them. Workforce management will anticipate traffic peaks and staff accordingly eliminating periodic severe pressure on agents. Agent schedule preferences will automatically be incorporated into the planning for the master schedule. Agents will receive regular and personalized coaching. The list goes on and on.

Gives mid-sized organizations access to advanced tools. Like the above, the price of even advanced tools becomes low enough for most contact centers to afford. For example, speech analytics and desktop analytics might be considered luxuries for the average contact center, however the ROI becomes inescapable with a smaller investment afforded by cloud delivery. From an agent point of view, speech analytics provides an unbiased way of identifying areas where agents can improve their abilities as good communicators and representatives of the company. Desktop analytics allows the organization to rapidly identify screen and process bottlenecks for agents, thereby eliminating some of their daily frustrations.

Enables agents to work remotely. Cloud-based contact center infrastructure and WFO means that agents can work from anywhere, including their own homes. This allows agents to work in more comfortable, quiet surroundings and to be less distracted while they do their jobs. It also eliminates the time spent commuting to the office, which gives agents more personal time as well as active work time to satisfy customers. Agents who have more control over their working conditions and environment are generally happier, which translates into improved customer interactions.

Improves omni-channel engagement. The cloud makes it possible for agents to communicate with customers over a broad range of channels, including voice, email, Web, chat, instant message, SMS and social media. Via the cloud, one agent can address multiple customer interactions on disparate channels from a single workstation. This increase in efficiency and ability to interact with customers in their preferred channels can make an agent’s job less frustrating and smoother. For Millennials who grew up using many concurrent communication channels, omni-channel engagement is a very natural environment.

Updates software automatically. Agents no longer have to struggle with outdated software or experience downtime as they wait for new software upgrades to be installed on their work station. Cloud delivery ensures that software is automatically and seamlessly updated, so agents always have the latest revision of software. This important benefit of cloud software is particularly important right now, since many contact center and WFO software providers are in the process of redesigning their software to provide a better agent experience. Aspect, for example, has introduced a modern, icon and widget-based user interface that dramatically improves the experience agents have when using WFO tools. Aspect also continues to give the agent increasing flexibility and mobility with dedicated WFO smartphone apps, SMS and IVR-based access to agent schedule changes. Clearly, agents are benefitting from having the most recent versions of this agent engagement software.

Remember, satisfied and happy agents put a more positive face on every customer interaction, which ensures better service and more satisfied customers. Learn more about how a cloud-based contact center solution from Aspect can help agents find more job satisfaction.


Robert Moore