5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Rates


The customer experience (CX) landscape has changed, and now more than ever, customer expectations are higher. In a world where people are increasingly busier while also used to more immediate gratification, businesses can’t afford not to put their focus on customer satisfaction.

When you provide a superior customer experience, your buyers will return again and again. Building customer loyalty also brings in new customers and recurring revenue. In an effort to establish themselves as a brand known for service and to keep up with a competitive market, companies are turning to technology to meet customer demands. Here are five ways technology can improve your customer satisfaction rates.

Immediate Response + Reduced Hold Times

Before we jump into all of the ways technology can improve the customer experience, it’s important to note that it isn’t meant to replace a human connection, but rather enhance our ability to improve customer satisfaction. That being said, one way to improve live interactions via phone is through the use of phone technology that provides menu options and routes calls to the appropriate department quickly.

Try structuring your menu options based on your customers’ most common concerns. You can find out what those concerns are by checking the website analytics or the finding the most frequent search terms related to those topics. Many help desk software options will allow you to tag conversations to track most-answered questions or high-frequency topics.

Active Listening

It’s imperative that your customers feel heard. It’s not enough to simply provide outlets for them to share concerns, such as social media, leaving comments on your website, or venting in frustration to a representative. Provide a platform for them to not only leave feedback, but one in which you are actively soliciting that feedback, and then engaging with those customers frequently, asking for suggestions and recommendations. Consider using technology that provides a digital advocacy platform wherein customers can offer insight into how they might enjoy your product or service even more.

Seamless Communication

With the multiple ways of communicating available to us now, your customers will want the opportunity to use the mode that best serves them at the time they’re looking to contact you. However, it can feel cumbersome to have so many ways to communicate; text, chat, email, phone – without knowing where things are in the process of working with a customer.

This is where cloud contact center solutions can help you seamlessly integrate your technology with the customer experience, regardless of the mode of communication, or who was working to solve a problem or answer an inquiry. Customers won’t become frustrated that they’ve been dropped, or had to start the process over, and service representatives will have visibility to exactly what has been done so far.

Customer Empowerment

Not only are people pressed for time, but they’re tech savvy and comfortable using technology, especially if it means that their experience is simple and fast. Data suggests that the majority of people prefer a self-service option. Look at empowering your customers with self-service tools that allow them to do things like pay or solve problems themselves.

When self-service isn’t an option, look at adopting a live chat feature within your customer service platform, or one that integrates directly with your customer relationship management solution (CRM).  Not only do these solutions increase customer satisfaction, but it cuts down on the time support representatives spend solving issues, freeing them up to work on more complex problems.

Anticipate Problems

Inevitably, things are going to go wrong, and a customer will be left less than satisfied. Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, you will arm yourself with the ability to make things right. For example, if a customer leaves a poor review or gives your company a low rating, you can make sure that your system is set up to automatically email them a message including product-specific coupons to let them know that you value their business, and that you want to rectify the situation.

In the end, technology cannot replace human interaction. It’ll improve processes, increase efficiencies, and personalize experiences, but it’ll never replace the importance of the human touch.

Your brand will be associated with the customer experience you provide. As you look to improve your customer satisfaction rates through the use of technology, look at ways to improve how you can help customer where they are, with the methods of communication they prefer to use, all while making it easier for your representatives to interact with those customers, ensuring that they are equipped to solve problems seamlessly and effectively.

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