5 Common Customer Complaints That Don’t Have to Exist in 2018


Your customers know best. So if you’re struggling to figure out why your customers seem so frustrated, maybe you need to look up from the metrics and KPIs for a minute and simply ask them. Every customer complaint should be viewed as an opportunity to improve, so consider these 5 common customer complaints as a roadmap for success moving forward. In fact, success is right on the horizon. Given the availability of innovative contact center solutions today, there is no reason that these 5 complaints even need to be uttered again.

  1. Busy signals: Nothing infuriates your customers more than busy signals. Deploy an automated voice or text response system to enable your customers to resolve issues on their own without a wait.
  2. Call transfers: Some people do prefer to talk to an agent. But that doesn’t mean they want to talk to every agent in your contact center. Your IVR system should be augmented with a solution to direct each call to the right agent for first-contact resolution.
  3. No personalization: Your customers don’t want to complain. They’re simply not being understood. Consumers today have given you access to lots of data, and if you don’t use it to cater to their personal needs, they will feel they’ve pulled the short straw.
  4. Helpless agents: There are typically two reasons why agents fail to break through to customers. In some cases, agents aren’t properly trained to handle the inquiry. In other cases, it’s simply due to a need to find another way to communicate. Some issues, for instance, are best resolved via video. Others may require audio, and still others can be best explained in a series of texts. The right coaching tools, and right channels, are key to getting it right.
  5. The full picture: Your customer still interacts with your products or services even after they’re off the phone. Your contact center must be mindful of the full customer journey, sending push notifications and alerts before and after a customer service issue to keep your customer fully engaged.

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