In the Customer Experience Space, All’s Fair in Love and War


In the opening lines of Jon Bon Jovi hit “It’s My Life,” Jon emphatically states that what you are about to hear is not ‘a song for the broken-hearted.’ And true to his word, it’s not. Besides, there are songs-a-plenty about broken-hearted loves, no? And not necessarily broken-hearted because someone’s been jilted but maybe because they may see not future in the relationship. “It’s My Life” is a declaration of action; a message of urgency. Urgency for what sadly, Jon never says.roses

This post however, IS for the broken-hearted. The broken-hearted contact centers owners and operators that perhaps, have fallen or are falling out of love with their current contact center software provider. So this post I suppose is also an Aspect-as-suitor note to those companies looking for some vendor love on this Valentines Day.

Here are some well-traveled clichés about love that puts this amorous advance in better perspective.

If you love someone, you should set them free

If this is true, if you are just kinda so-so with someone – someone who isn’t evolving in your relationship, doesn’t have a stable financial future –shouldn’t you be setting them free even faster? Sure it may sting a little bit but time heals all wounds, right? You know what else heals wounds even faster? A better love. Are you ‘in like’ or ‘in love’ with your contact center software relationship right now? Do you want to move forward, to say a solution built in and for the cloud, one that is a more fitting expression of love?

There are plenty of fish in the sea

The thing about love is that when you’re in love, your view becomes rather myopic. No one is cuter, funnier, dresses nicer, or likes more of your artistically filtered selfies than the one you love. But one always need to be mindful, in life and in the contact center arena, of being fully blinded by love. Sure, you’re the bestest of besties but have you stopped to really think about your future together? Will you grow together or drift apart? Will your insignificant other (sorry did I say that?) be able to support you if times get tough?  Will they even be able to afford to pay for dinner?

Time heals all wounds

Healing is a relative term here, don’t you think? There is over-the-counter healing that may address the symptoms of illness – like apologies and promises to change – and there is seeing-a-specialist kind of healing that actually cures the heartbreak. And then there is the do-nothing, ‘let time heal’ approach that just prolongs the eventual breakup anyway. Sure, time may heal all wounds but how much time do you really have?

boxing_gloves_PNG10474All’s fair in love and war

This whole post is propped up by this assertion. When you’re going after someone’s heart, (or someone’s customer’s heart), the gloves come off. You want to show the object of your affection that you have what they are looking for…that you are the one they belong with.

Jon Bon Jovi also recorded ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ and while it’s not a love song per se, it is a fitting message in conclusion. Is the future of your customer experience delivery, the future of your contact center infrastructure dependent on a prayer or is it rooted in a promise? Can you move forward in your relationship or are you open for a coffee and a conversation with Aspect that could lead to something more?

If you are in the market, get more information about us here. 

Either way, Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Well said, Good info. Communication should always be number one. Keeping the communication lines open with your customer can help you get some feedback’s, ideas and suggestions that can help you retain your customers.

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