3 Words That Will Make Your Employees Love You


I Love My JobHappy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Being that this is the undisputed day of love, I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about employee love.  Just to be clear, I’m not talking about employee love in the traditional Valentine’s Day sense, as I’m sure you have strict guidelines against that sort of thing. I’m talking about your employees loving their job.

While morale in the workplace was put on the back burner for years, recent studies have shown how critical having engaged employees truly is. If you have not looked into the work done by the Gallup Organization, I highly suggest taking a look.  Here is a link to their 2012 State of the Global Workplace study.

To sum up this study, as of 2012 Gallup found that 87% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged. I’m no math expert, but based on my calculations, that means that only 13% of the people in your call center are actively engaged and looking out for your company’s best interests.

There are countless articles and blogs available with the typical ways to increase morale in your center and I highly suggest checking those out. In this blog however, I’m going to switch things up and tell you 3 simple words that can increase morale, reduce call-outs, and improve performance for an entire month in your center.

Those words are: Embrace the Madness.

The madness that I am referring to is none other than March Madness, and it is right around the corner.  Second only to the Super Bowl, the NCAA Basketball Tournament captivates the nation like no other event. Tens of millions of people fill out brackets and keep up with the action for a solid month.

Most businesses cringe at the thought of this event and consider it nothing more than a distraction.  Truth is they are right. The tournament is a distraction, if you treat it like one. But if you think of it as an opportunity, you can minimize the negatives and take advantage of several positives. Here are some ideas that will help your contact center turn March Madness into a morale raising and performance improving event:

Bracket Contests

We’re not endorsing gambling, but you can still use the free hosting from CBS Sports Line to make an office bracket pool. My recommendation for this is to either make the entry free which will maximize participation, or award a non-cash prize to the winner and make the entry fee a small donation to a local charity. Your company will be out the cost of the prize, but you will gain the boost in morale for your center and community.

College Attire Days

Allowing employees to wear apparel representing their favorite team on certain days will add to the atmosphere and give even more people the opportunity to participate.

Provide Scoring Updates

  • Studies have shown that employees are going to check in on the games regardless of whether you want them to or not. Why not flip the switch and provide scoring updates on monitors or through email so employees don’t have to spend the time trying to browser hide via the “Boss Button.”  This will allow them to focus more on the customers and get the info they seek with a quick glance.

Create Your Own Tournament

You can get everyone in your center involved and improve performance by creating your own tournament.  Pick a specific metric that you are focused on and have the managers in your center draw for bracket seeding. The teams then go head to head for a day or week depending on the size of your center.  The team that performs better moves on eventually crowning a center wide champion. The winning team can be awarded prizes or something as simple as a pizza party.

No matter what creative spin you put on it, just choosing to participate will make your employees love you that much more which is, as Dick Vitale would say, “AWESOME BABY!”