3 ways cloud contact centres are helping businesses achieve their growth potential



Cloud computing has been a buzzword in the IT industry for a few years now, but it’s finally starting to move beyond the hype stage and find a place in mainstream organisations across all industries.

Indeed, Cisco’s recent Global Cloud Index, released last month, forecasts that global cloud traffic volumes are set to quadruple by 2019, with 10.4 zettabytes (ZBs) of information set to go through cloud data centres by the end of the decade. To put this in perspective, one zettabyte is equivalent to one trillion gigabytes, and 10.4 ZBs is enough to deliver 26 months of constant music streaming for every person on the planet in 2019.

“Enterprise and government organisations are moving from test cloud environments to trusting clouds with their mission-critical workloads,” commented Doug Webster, vice-president of service provider marketing at Cisco. “At the same time, consumers continue to expect on-demand, anytime access to their content and services nearly everywhere.”

This is as true when it comes to customer service as anything else. Therefore, contact centre operators around the world are increasingly turning to cloud technology to help them meet consumers’ expectations and streamline their own operations.

So what can these firms expect to achieve when they embrace this technology? There are a number of benefits that companies can enjoy as a result of the cloud, with improved performance, more productive staff and happier customers all common outcomes of a well-implemented solution.

With this in mind, here are three key ways in which cloud contact centres can help organisations grow and reach their full potential.

  1. Maximise customer opportunities

In today’s 24/7, always-connected world, customers are more demanding than ever, and keeping up with this can be hugely difficult for organisations that are still using the same traditional contact centre solutions they’ve had in place for years.

One area where old solutions struggle to keep up is when it comes to omnichannel integration. With non-voice channels set to account for more than half of contact centre interactions in the coming years, top-performing businesses will have to have strong solutions in place to make the most of these new channels.

Cloud solutions can make it much easier to incorporate options such as SMS, virtual agents and self serve into operations, with all customer data seamlessly aggregated so the same quality of service can be delivered, regardless of the channel.

  1. Improving staff experience

However, it is not just customer experiences that can be improved with cloud contact centre solutions – the technology can also make life much easier for staff members. With such tools, they can easily access information such as call histories and customer behavior details, so they always have the most relevant information at their fingertips.

Of course, being able to access such information is only half the task – it must also be simple and intuitive to view these details. The latest cloud tools can offer a straightforward, easy-to-use interface, as well as in-built performance monitoring and training tools to help staff understand their own activities. And as happy agents mean happy customers, the benefits extend much further than improving efficiency.

  1. Agile staffing and forecasting

Strong, cloud-based call centre software can also help businesses manage their resources more effectively. By taking advantage of workforce management software, combined with the latest analytics, contact centres can much more accurately forecast the future, spotting expected peaks and troughs before they occur.

This allows them to ensure they always have the right resources on hand to deal with periods of high demand – as well as make plans for quieter periods, such as scheduling training or working on outbound calls as part of a blended contact centre.

With cloud software able to provide a high level of agility, resources can be provisioned for only when they are needed, before being scaled back afterwards. This ensures that contact centres can adopt new functionality quickly and affordably to adapt to whatever the market throws at them.

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