Innovating with IVR


IVR is still the workhorse in the contact center, with clear and proven value propositions like cost reduction through automation, or 24/7 availability of information. Well-designed IVR can work hand-in-hand with agents in the contact center, and ensure a smooth handover from digital channels such …

Isn’t it time we gave our employees the same technology we provide our customers?


Inside many businesses, especially at enterprise scale, sales teams are often referred to as “customers” by marketing and support personnel who provide services or “products” such as collateral, training, etc. to create a deliverable for an external customer. 

Aspect’s customers are companies who operate contact centers …

Improving the Contact Center Agent Experience – On the Job


Your organization relies on contact center agents to engage customers with positive, helpful and accurate customer service. In order to provide that level of support, agents are generally required to go through rigorous training when they’re hired. Unfortunately, many contact centers don’t conduct ongoing training …

Savings and Service Should Not be an Either/Or Proposition in the Contact Center


In a recent New York Times article, author Kate Murphy disclosed an unsettling trend occurring now in the contact center industry: Many organizations are wittingly institutionalizing poor customer service to cut costs or monetize support. 

She cited an International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) survey in which …