CXP 17: Using CX Designer for Omni-Channel Self-Service Application Creation


Application development is all about flexibility, so an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development, needs to be many things to many people:

It needs to provide guidance to new users so they don’t get lost …

Using Voice Biometrics to Secure your IVR and Shorten the Call


When we think about biometrics, our minds could quickly drift to the elaborate authentication sequences of sci-fi/heist flicks, with vaults of gold guarded by impenetrable layers of iris, fingerprints or voice scans. Yes, we also envision an antagonist slowly breaching security, crawling across invisible lasers …

Contact Center Leaders: What Customers Expect This Holiday Season


The value of providing a consistent, superior contact center experience is an essential part of any company’s strategy for success. While this holds true throughout the year, the spotlight shines especially bright on contact centers during the holiday season. Consumer spending surges between Black Friday …