How patient do we need to be with Machine Learning?


Artificial Intelligence is a multi-faceted term. According to Wikipedia: “Colloquially, the term ‘artificial intelligence’ is applied when a machine mimics ‘cognitive’ functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as ‘learning’ and ‘problem solving’.” Others would argue that these days, anything gets the label …

Customer Service Heaven Is Just a Virtual Personal Assistant Away


Customer needs and desires do not always overlap with business objectives: for example, cutting costs as a corporate goal does not benefit the consumer directly.

As for customer service in the past, cutting costs often meant the introduction of automation in the form of Interactive Voice …

Ho, Ho, Hold On: Poor Customer Service Has Consumers Not Feeling the Holiday Spirit


Half of the consumers in the U.S. stopped doing business with a company this year because of bad customer service according to the Aspect Consumer Experience Index survey. One reason could be because most of them said they feel underappreciated by the companies they do …