Aspect VIA takes to the road – find out how we’re transforming customer engagement



Customer engagement is a rapidly changing sector. It’s no longer just about providing a transactional service that answers any queries and addresses complaints. It’s now a key driver of business growth that engages with individuals on a more personal level, boosts loyalty and turns customers …

Customer engagement in the digital age – breaking free from limitations


Today’s digitally-focused environment has drastically changed customer expectations when they’re getting in touch with a business. In a landscape where they’ve got a world of information at their fingertips whenever and wherever they want, old ways of engaging with customers will no longer be adequate.

Companies …

Customer Engagement Centers Rally the Enterprise Around Customer Service


Nearly everyone can relate to the experience of calling a business, navigating a phone tree for several minutes and then having to repeat that information back to an agent. Some experiences can be even more frustrating if the issue is not resolved or if you …

Building a Customer Engagement Center Business Case: 6 Key Outcomes


Customer engagement is linked to revenue. We’ve seen this correlation recurring everywhere customer experience is studied, from executive-level surveys to the voice of the consumer. A 2016 report from Microsoft found that across all customer groups surveyed, 60% of people have stopped doing business with …

Savings and Service Should Not be an Either/Or Proposition in the Contact Center


In a recent New York Times article, author Kate Murphy disclosed an unsettling trend occurring now in the contact center industry: Many organizations are wittingly institutionalizing poor customer service to cut costs or monetize support. 

She cited an International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) survey in which …