Better Customer Retention Through the Cloud


Customer acquisition has traditionally been a top priority for enterprises, but loyal customers who return time and again may actually represent the greater value. A 2014 BIA Kelsey survey revealed that repeat customers spend on average 67 percent more than new ones. Focus the majority of your efforts on retention and on satisfying your existing customer base, and you’ll be rewarded with more dollars spent by loyal and returning customers.

Customer service is a huge part of that equation. Customers today have many choices and options to choose from, so it takes a superior experience coupled with excellent service to keep them coming back for more. For these reasons, it is imperative that businesses lean on their contact centers to strive for continuous improvement and achieve excellence in the realm of custoweb-iStock_000057420640_XXXLargemer service.

One way enterprises can reach customer service excellence is through the Cloud. Coud-based contact centers help and enable organizations to provide an experience that encourages loyalty and repeat business. A cloud-based contact center enables organizations to focus on customer retention policies, granting them a better opportunity to boost revenue.

Take a look at these ways cloud software can help boost repeat business and increase the dollars spent by return customers:

Better tracking of customer journey. The Cloud allows enterprises to provide a continuous experience for customers. Even when a customer switches between channels, moves from self-service to live-service, or changes from proactive outbound communication to inbound service inquiries, data can be tracked and preserved at every interaction and made easily accessible as apart of that customer’s profile. Every time the customer interacts with your business, they will feel remembered and important, and they won’t have to keep repeating the same interactions. Your company and your agents will also have information on hand to tailor experiences to a customer’s particular needs.

More intuitive IVR. Customers are easily frustrated by clunky interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and the confusion and isolation they create can cause a customer to walk away. Cloud-based systems can turn an IVR into an asset by making it more intuitive and accessible. Customers will be able to interact with your enterprise via mobile devices, “smart” electronics such as gaming consoles, and even stand-alone kiosks. Customers are becoming more used to voice-enabled technologies in their personal devices, and providing intuitive IVR through cloud software will ensure that you can provide that functionality to your customer base.

Early resolution of customer inquiries via preferred channels. Contact centers through the Cloud enable more successful resolution of customer issues and questions in the early stages of their journey. The Cloud makes customer interactions across multiple channels possible, so customers can contact your enterprise using the method they prefer, whether it be SMS, email, social media or Web. When a customer can resolve an issue or query quickly and successfully via any device, anywhere, anytime, they will feel a deeper connection to your company and its service, making it more likely they will keep their business with you.

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