Workforce Analyst Enhancements You Will Need by 2020: Workforce Management Excellence, Part II


Workforce management is an integral part of the agent’s work environment, but agents see only the end-result of a complex planning process managed by contact center workforce analysts. These experts are steeped in the nuances of forecasting models, workforce labor categories and expected labor shrinkage. …

Contact Center Leaders: Are Your Agents Ready for the Holiday Rush?


The weather may be cooling off, but for contact center personnel things are just heating up. The end-of-year holiday festivities to come over the next few months are sure to bring joy to households around the world, but a confluence of factors related to seasonal …

5 Agent Engagement Enhancements You Must Have: Workforce Management Excellence, Part I


Workforce Management (WFM) is a bedrock technology upon which most contact centers have relied for years. But agent expectations are evolving. It’s time to rethink the workforce management software features you need to ensure high agent morale, productivity and quality.

The contact center agent population is …

Infographic: Better Agent Tools Mean Happier Agents – And Happier Customers


Here’s a rather unsurprising fact: When employees feel confident, at ease and empowered to do their job, they will ultimately perform better.

It may seem like common sense, but drilling down into the specific costs and benefits associated with state-of-the-art agent tools, vs. the current status …

Improving the Contact Center Agent Experience – On the Job


Your organization relies on contact center agents to engage customers with positive, helpful and accurate customer service. In order to provide that level of support, agents are generally required to go through rigorous training when they’re hired. Unfortunately, many contact centers don’t conduct ongoing training …